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...the application of scientific knowledge, mathematics, and ingenuity to develop solutions for technical, societal and commercial problems to help improve people’s lives and advance humanity.

Throughout history, engineering has been an integral part of life in Lincoln and the surrounding area. From the time the Romans built a fortress overlooking the Witham, the creation of the Fossdyke Canal, through the construction of the castle and cathedral, to the industrial revolution and the ‘founding fathers’ of Lincoln’s proud engineering tradition – Nathaniel Clayton, Joseph Shuttleworth, William Foster, Joseph Ruston and Robert Robey - and to today’s leading engineering community, Lincoln’s engineers have applied their knowledge and ingenuity to shape the world.

As you follow our journey through history to the present day, you will see how our local engineering community has developed and continues to flourish. We have world leading people and world beating engineering businesses, teachers, researchers and technologists who are applying their knowledge and skills to innovate, design, create and supply the best engineering people, services and products worldwide.

Let our story spark your imagination as it has inspired thousands of people to marvel at our engineering achievements. Let our engineering timeline reach out to you, wonder at the achievements and ingenuity of our local heroes and how they have changed our lives.

Dr Paul Taylor

Chief Advisor to Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric Ltd (China). Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology and Honorary Professor in Power Device Technology at Nottingham University.

Driving Robots
BMW i8 in Lincoln Cathedral at SPARK! 2015