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Today, Lincolnshire is at the cutting edge of engineering technologies, devising, designing and producing some truly world-beating products that enable advancements in sectors like Formula 1, rail travel, jet planes, oil & gas exploration and computing. These companies and individuals exist in the county today because of a pioneering spirit which has seen a very rich engineering history develop - from 17th century developments in the Agricultural Revolution, which then enabled the Industrial Revolution, through two World Wars and the increase in mechanisation. Today, we make parts for satellites and spaceships! A spark in the past ignited our future and so the theme of this year's SPARK! event is 'Back To The Future', with lots of activities planned to help illustrate this.  

Below are a small selection of the exhibits that visitors of all ages can enjoy at SPARK! Engineering Festival in 2017. These are in addition to the many engineering company displays which feature things from their past, as well as interactive have-a-go activities and problem solving challenges in order to test your skills and win prizes!

Lincolnshire's Engineering Timeline 2015

Engineering Timeline

One of the main attractions at SPARK! Engineering Festival is a massive 16 metre long engineering timeline. It highlights engineering milestones, brilliant minds and pioneering companies from Lincolnshire's long engineering heritage - from Roman times to the modern day. It contextualises them with world engineering events and celebrates what has been achieved. Above all, by celebrating the past, it seeks to inspire future generations.

Students competing in Go4Set


Go4SET is run by the Engineering Development Trust (EDT) and links teams of six Year 8/9 pupils with employers and universities to deliver projects including Eco Hotel, Stations for the Future and The Eco Classroom. Students will be displaying their project work at SPARK! and will be getting assessed by a panel of judges to win prizes. The schools involved are The Priory Academy, Sir Robert Pattinson, King Edward VI Grammar School in Louth and Boston High School. 

Delorean Time machine

Back To The Future Delorean

A centerpiece of the 2017 SPARK! Festival will be a faithful recreation of Doc Brown's Delorean time machine from the Back To The Future films.

Owned by Lincoln-born by Jason Bradbury (ex-presenter of The Gadget Show), this particular car is the Mr. Fusion series from Back to the Future Part II in which Doc Brown and Marty McFly travel to 2015 and back to 1985, and then back to 1955. This unit comes complete with the Mr. Fusion reactor and the under vehicle landing lights. 

Lincoln Steampunk Society Member with Steam Train

Lincoln Steampunk Society

The splendid Lincoln Steampunk Society will be coming to SPARK! 2107 to display contraptions, costumes and props as well as to mingle and interact with visitors. Steampunk is about mixing old and new: fusing the usability of modern technology with the design aesthetic and philosophy of the Victorian age. Their ethos fits perfectly with this year's Back to the Future theme!

Scootsuit project time trial

Scootsuit Project

An evolved Mk2 version of the Scootsuit will be visiting SPARK! this year. It reached 70mph on its’ first test and aims to break 100mph on the next run, which will be in April at East Kirkby, Lincolnshire.  

Monowheel Warhorse

The Lincolnshire based Monowheel Warhorse team earned a coveted space in the Guinness World Records 2017 book for being the world’s fastest monowheel motorcycle.

Ruston-Hornsby Car owned by Siemens

Ruston-Hornsby Car

After the First World War (during which they largely made Sopwith Camel biplanes), Lincoln firm Ruston-Hornsby attempted to diversify into car manufacture and made about 1,500 in two engine variants between 1919-1924.

The example appearing at this year's SPARK! Festival is owned by Siemens and one of only a handful left in existence.

Steam Engine owned by Rundles of New Bollingbroke, lincs

'Venture' Steam Engine

This steam engine, owned by Rundles of New Bollingbroke, Lincs, was built in Lincoln in 1914 by William Foster & Co. - the same company that two years later would develop the world's first military tank which entered service at the Battle of the Somme in 1916.

BRM P25 1958 F1 car from Bourne, Lincs

A Formula 1 car built by BRM from Bourne, Lincs, which competed in the 1958 and 1959 season will be coming to SPARK! 2017 Engineering Festival. Driven by British driver Ron Flockhart, this car won the the New Zealand Grand Prix, the 2nd race of the season -  and was on the podium a further four times that year. Ron Flockhart tragically died 3 years later attempting to break the World Record for the shortest time to fly from Sydney to London.