Lincoln UTC lego robotics, interactive 3D marble run and trebuchet

For this year’s SPARK! Festival, Lincoln UTC will be bringing programmable robots, lego robotics and a trebuchet activity for all to have a go at. They will also be demonstrating an interactive 3D marble run.

Interactive 3D marble run

Screenshot 2019-04-13 at 18.56.32.png

Lincoln UTC students have devised a step by step chain reaction that initiates when a marble is released. They took inspiration from this video -, and have created something similar on a smaller scale. They will be demonstrating their marvellous creation throughout the event.

Lego Robotics

Two Lego robotics machines have been programmed so that visitors to SPARK! will be able to control, race and challenge each other within a confined pen.

Programmable robot


Mr Nao the robot has been programmed to complete a number of sequences and activities, he is able to move and dance and will be making a return to the 2019 SPARK! Festival due to his popularity at the last event!

Trebuchet Activity

Visitors to SPARK! will be split into groups, and each group will work on assembling a trebuchet to fire a paper ball successfully and accurately. Participants will be able to change different aspects of the set up to affect the power and speed of the launch.

Open Day

Lincoln UTC have planned an Open Saturday event at Lincoln UTC to coincide with the SPARK Festival, which will be taking place on Saturday 4th 11am-3pm. Visitors will be able to view their £8 million learning facility, placed just a 5 minute walk from the festival itself on Greetstone Mount.


The UTC are currently accepting applications for Years 10 and 12, and provide 14 to 18 year olds with a unique opportunity to study a highly specialist STEM education and train as scientists and engineers in the exciting context of real-life industry experience.

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